• Replace any cracked or broken glass where possible on windows and doors
  • Ensure that all gates and doors work well (handles turn and lock smoothly, don’t jam or get stuck)
  • Give gutters a “spring clean”
  • Replace broken fences, repair or replace any missing pickets
  • Paint front porches, oil or varnish timber verandahs


Is all outdoor lighting functional?

Mow lawns, add a little colour to your gardens (violets, etc look lovely) – potted plants are fine.

Mulch where necessary




  • Ensure your house is clean and tidy
  • Touch up any chipped walls or doors where necessary
  • Remove excess furniture, clutter
  • Keep surfaces and bench tops clear
  • Add extra colour and vibrancy to rooms with bright cushions and fruit or vegetable platters or flowers




  • Whenever possible, go out of the house when buyers inspect, as they (and you) will feel more comfortable
  • Make sure the house is a comfortable temperature
  • The aroma of brewed coffee, or something baking is irresistible and creates a lovely ambience for buyer
  • Put bikes, children’s toys etc together with Fido’s food bowl out of sight wherever possible
  • Choose some music you feel suits your home and have it playing softly
  • Are the toilet seats down?



Remember to ensure your Agent knows what especially makes your house a home and what makes it so special to you.  Chances are that this is what buyers will “feel” too!

This knowledge also helps your Agent “set the scene” for the photographer to be able to really capture the feeling of the home when creating the images.

If you are unable to do these things yourself, or find the tasks too daunting, Avanti Residential are able to put you in touch with the appropriate trades people.